Cyprus bilateral project:
Taking on the Cypriot regulatory challenge

Executive Summary

In the framework of their “Memorandum of intent for JOINT WORKING” Energie-Control Austria (E-Control) and the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA) have agreed on undertaking the joint project “Taking on the Cypriot Regulatory Challenge”.


The overall project objective was to develop recommendations regarding human resources CERA needs to be able to fulfil all tasks it is entrusted with by the Cypriot legal framework. It was agreed to propose organisation charts presenting a phased development of CERA until 2020. These charts should provide an overview of the different development steps CERA should undertake to become a sufficiently staffed and effective-working regulatory authority by 2020. The development of an implementation plan and timeline (including concrete recommendations on the recruitment of staff) should give guidance regarding the restructuring and development of CERA.


It was neither in the remit of the project to check the compliance of the Cypriot legal framework with the acquis communautaire nor to actually recruit new personnel.


The project contained the following 3 content-related components.

  • Benchmarking
  • Skill Set
  • Recommendations


These components can be considered as a step-by-step approach towards reaching the overall project objective. The individual components are built upon and complement each other. While the component “benchmarking” had the aim of establishing comparability with other NRAS regarding tasks and staff, the component “skill set” envisaged a more in-depth analysis of the tasks, competences and responsibilities CERA has to fulfil according to Cypriot law. The results of these two components were taken into account when drafting the final recommendations regarding the development of staff and organisational structure.


E-Control Austria
Energie-Control Austria
Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority


Dietmar Preinstorfer
Project leader, E-Control Austria
Giorgos Shammas
Project Leader Counterpart, CERA