Georgia twinning:
Strengthening capacities of GNERC in updating incentive-based electricity tariff methodology

Executive Summary

The twinning project with the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC) started in 23.9.2012  and ended on the 22.6.2014. The EU budget provided was € 1.100,000.

The objectives were

  • to update the incentive based electricity tariff regulation and prepare conditions for its initial implementation.
  • GNERC has started working on a new, incentive-based tariff methodology some time ago and a draft methodology has been prepared. However, it is considered as incomplete and GNERC decided to bring it up to date and complete it with the support of knowledge and experience of European Regulators. Considerable capacity building will accompany the main aim.


Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission
E-Control Austria
Energie-Control Austria
BNetzA, Germany
Federal Network Agency
Austrian Energy Exchange
PUC, Latvia
Public Utilities Commission


Dietmar Preinstorfer
Project leader, E-Control Austria
Gocha Shonia
BC project leader, GNERC
Eszter Süle
Resident twinning advisor, E-Control Austria
Nugzar Beridze
RTA counterpart, GNERC
Nino Nikoleishvili
RTA assistant, E-Control Austria
Elena Gabedava
Project translator/interpreter, E-Control Austria