Ukraine twinning:
Regulatory and legal capacity strengthening of energy regulation in NERC

Executive Summary

In our Ukraine project, we coorporated with our sister authority in the Czech Republic in a Consortium led by our Italian colleagues, Autoritá per l'energia elettrica e il gas (AEEG, Italy).

This twinning project was financed by the EU with a budget of € 1,100,000 for an overall project duration of 25 months.




Carlo Crea
MS Project Leader, AEEG
Sergej Dunaylo
BC Projekt Leader, NERC
Lemlem Said Issa
Resident Twinning Advisor, EU External Services
Valeriy Tsaplin
Resident Twinning Advisor counterpart, NERC
Victoria Haddadi
Project Assistant,
Yana Pankova