Algeria twinning:
Strengthening the organizational and administrative capacity of CREG

Executive Summary

Our twinning project with Algeria partners us up with the Spanish regulator CNMC and the Austrian energy exchange EXAA, benefitting our Algerian counterpart CREG. The project's 24-month implementation phase started in August 2015.

In terms of contents, our Algeria twinning addresses six large topics:

  1. Consumer protection and quality of public service: complaint handling, both at the regulatory authority CREG and the industry (i.e. operators); monitoring the service of network operators in terms of technical, financial and commercial quality; determining compensation in case of service quality failure; and information sharing between the regulatory authority, consumer organisations and consumers.
  2. Oversight of concession holders and pricing policy: regulatory methods for incentivising compliance of distribution system operators / concession holders in the areas of electricity and gas, taking into consideration the EU's gas and electricity Directives and quality aspects.
  3. Renewable energies and cogeneration: analysing and proposing policy options for setting a support scheme that helps reach the Algerian RES target; verifying the origin of electricity from supported RES and CHP technologies; and addressing RES integration into the grid.
  4. Data management: enabling CREG to undertake overall improvements to its data management system, including data quality and statistical duties.
  5. ITC and cross-border tariffs: deepen understanding of the full market functioning framework; analysing and proposing policy options regarding methods for the management of interconnections, in particular regarding the design of cross-border tariffs.
  6. High performance of the regulator as an organisation: undertaking a full review of organisational processes and structures at CREG and handing them tools to further develop organisational high performance in a structured way.




Dietmar Preinstorfer
Project leader, E-Control Austria
Gema Rico Rivas
Junior partner project leader, CNMC
Farid Rahoual
Beneficiary country project leader, CREG
Sarin Abado
Resident twinning advisor, E-Control Austria
Karima Mededjel
RTA counterpart, CREG
Naawel Akchiche
Project assistant, E-Control Austria
Ines Lalam
Project translator/interpreter, E-Control Austria