Croatia twinning:
Reinforcement and further development of the internal energy market with the scope of the Energy Community Treaty

Executive Summary

The twinning project with the Croatian Ministry of Economy started in August 2012 and lasted for 15 months overall. The EU budget provided was € 500,000.

The objectives were

  • to further harmonize Croatian regulations with the acquis communautaire and implement acquis communautaire in the energy sector
  • to strengthen energy market sector in accordance with EU legislation and Energy Community Treaty
  • Contribution to Accession Partnership/ Stabilisation and Association Agreement/
  • Program of the Government of the Republic of Croatia for assumption and implementation of the acquis communautaire



Dietmar Preinstorfer
Project leader, E-Control Austria
Kristina Celic
BC Project Leader, MoE
Karina Knaus
Resident Twinning Advisor, E-Control
Natasa Mihailovic
RTA Counterpart, MoE
Zorana Lerotic
RTA Assistant, translator/interpetor, E-Control